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A Messy Re-Introduction

A Messy Re-Introduction

I'm different now

I thought it was about time I gave you a full update of everything I’m working on right now…So I I recorded this voice note on my phone, so the audio ain’t exactly perfect, but as they say done is better than good!

AND Below is a list of my current projects which you can explore and my favourite places to get inspired…

My Current Projects

🎶 I lead a women’s well-being singing group Singing Mamas Singing Mamas is an international movement now. This year we received funding to sing in hospitals and as part of the project I sang in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit to comfort mothers and babies.
📀 I write record and release music. I’ve released 3 albums so far (all available on streaming)🎤 I have a portable recording studio and I’ve started recording other female artists. This year I recorded Singing Mamas debut album!
🐻I love sewing and make my own clothes and creations
💻 I have created 10 Skillshare classes. I teach sewing, singing in harmony and music production
🎨 I’m a visual artist. I love painting and drawing. Last year I released 2 zines of my artwork. I studied fine art, but my interest and love is of folk art and outsider art
👨‍👩‍👦 I’m mother to a lovely 3 year old, and I squeeze my creative projects around caring for him. This year we got an allotment and we are learning about growing plants together.
👸 I used to be a professional Guiness World Record Winning Hula Hooper, but my career ended in the Pandemic, and then I became a mother. I still have the entertainment bug, so I now use this skill to entertain children with Snow Princess Parties

Things which inspire me:
If I’m having a dull or flat day I will:
>Listen to The Ram Dass Podcast
>Read Julia Cameron’s work
>Be encouraged by Inspired to Write’s Instagram
>I am a super fan of NYX.EDC

Thanks for reading

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